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A Trailer for a Major Novel's paperback launch.
Two Documentaries: Long Form Narration.
Some performance clips from the BGS Video Game.
A spot for Ararat Brandy.
THE Trailer for the latest chapter of the video game "Fantasy General"


Corporate Video Promo :30 second version. :60 second version >>> :120 second version >>>
The FULL cut of the Award winning inspirational short film "Life in Four Seasons". >>>
﷯This is a short clip from "Chef's Table - Pastry" that I dubbed (UN style dubbing - not syncing to the Actors lips), now on Netflix.
I'm the Narrator on this trailer for the World War II documentary "Journey to Royal" >>>
﷯Here are several clips from the Italian TV Series "Boris". I do the English voice for the character of the Director, René Feretti; all 7 episodes now streaming on Hulu.
﷯Here are the scenes from "Earthquake" I dubbed for this Russian/Armenia co-production several years ago that I just found on Youtube. A Full version with all my scenes and a short one here too.
﷯Very honored to have voiced the award winning José Dumont, one of Brazil's favorite Actors. I dubbed him for all 7 episodes of the 1st season of "Invisible City" currently streaming on Netflix.